Terms of Use



We want to you have good coffee. When buying from us we are determined to get it to you asap. In return we need some money. That's how it normally works. We use Stripe to process our payments through the website and ship orders once payment clears. We unfortunately can't ship orders until we receive payment. Sometimes that might not be your fault, it might take Stripe a bit of time to get the cash transferred or they might be a problem with our banks talking to each other. It hardly ever happens but if it ever does we'll send out your products as soon as humanly possible to hold up our end of the bargain.

We also rely on the good old Royal Mail for our domestic private webshop orders. We use letterbox friendly postal bags for coffee to save you money on postage costs and so you don't have to wait on deliveries of small packages. This is on the assumption that you don't have a letter box shaped like a tiny boy peeing in a fountain and that you don't have a dog that will eat anything that lands on the doormat. If for any reason the postie can't or won't deliver the item (or your dog eats it) we're really sorry but we can't factor in everything. We'll try our hardest to get your gorgeous fresh coffee to you but sometimes life gets in the way. Just remember that if you do have to go pick it up for whatever reason it'll be worth it... there's a cracking cup of coffee at the end of it.

Quality control

Our coffee wasn't on point?! NEVER! We QC every batch we produce and use custom roast profiling software to ensure that every time we roast, the results are top drawer. If you aren't happy with the coffee please drop us an email and we'll have a chat. Remember, personal taste does not mean the coffee is bad but we'll do all we can to steer you to something that we think you'll like the next time.


Under the UK Distance Selling Regulations you've the right to cancel your contract for purchases made within seven working days of delivery and request a refund. We'd always prefer to talk to you first but if you are still not satisfied then please be aware of the following;

  • You will be responsible for the postage on returned items unless the product is found to be faulty or it was not ordered. We'd advise you get proof of delivery and receipt when returning any items to us.
  • Returned goods must be undamaged and unused and in the same condition in which they were delivered, including all packaging. Unfortunately we can't accept returned coffee if the packaging has been opened or tampered with in any way unless the product is entirely unsatisfactory or not what you ordered. We QC check all dispatch shipments to ensure that this shouldn't happen
  • If you do return anything please make sure to include your name and address, invoice number, date goods received and the reason for the return in full. We will investigate your claim as quickly as we can an be in touch. 
  • If there is grounds for a refund we will aim to issue this within 30 days. If the product is found to be faulty or one which you did not order we will refund in full, including any postage costs which you incurred in returning it to us.

Please send any returned items to;

  • River City Coffee, Unit 5, English Street Factory Unit Estate, Hull, HU3 2BE