Tamu - Tanzanian

Tamu - Tanzanian

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Tasting Notes - Maple cream . Vanilla

  • Origin    - Tanzania. Multi farm co-op

  • Varietal  - Bourbon, Kents, Typica, Blue Mountain

  • Altitude -  950-1900 masl

  • Processing method  -  Washed

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We love this coffee! Tanzania is renowned for its high grown, fruit packed offerings so this coffee stood out a mile on the cupping table when we were sampling. Due to the beans being several different types of arabica varietal the cup see's a range of flavours balancing against a subtle back drop of fruit that we come to expect from Tanzanian coffee. 

After several trials of different roasting approaches we found the sweet spot. We tasted notes of maple cream and vanilla carried over in a creamy, rich mouthfeel with a lasting sweetness we haven't seen in other Tanzanian coffees before. As the cup cools the sweet notes of maple come to the fore with a light vanilla aftertaste. This is one to savour

  • Roasters brewing reccomendations;
  • V60 recipe - 12.5/13g coffee, medium coarse grind. 30g water at 93-94c, stir. 160g more water over 1:30mins. Full brew time target 2:40mins
  • Aeropress recipe - 13g coffee, medium grind. 30g water 93-94c, stir. 170g water all in. Stir. Leave for 45-60secs. Extract. Full brew time 1:30-1:45mins
  • Cafetiere - (3 person cafetiere) . 40g coffee, coarse grind. 90g water 93-94c in, stir. All water in to an inch under pouring spout, stir. Place lid on. Wait 2-3mins. Push plunger to just under the pouring spout, not to the bottom of the cafetiere. Pour and serve. Do not leave to brew beyond 3 mins.
  • Espresso - 93c shot temp. Single 12.5g dry in to 20-22g out. Shot timer target 22-24 secs (from first drop hitting the cup). Double - 18g dry in to 34-36g out. Shot target timer 23-26 secs.