San Marcos - Honduras

San Marcos - Honduras

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Tasting Notes - Nut brittle . Sweet tobacco

  • Origin    - Honduras . Octepeque region

  • Varietal  - Lempira, Catuai

  • Altitude -  1400 masl

  • Processing method  -  Fully washed and sun dried

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This coffee takes its name from the Honduran valley town of San Marcos close to where this bean is produced where all locally grown coffee is processed. The Octepeque valley is home to one of the few milling and washing stations in the area which is used by the farmers growing this coffee to process their beans. The process of milling the coffee cherries to remove their outer fruit before drying enhances the aromatic organic compounds within the raw coffee which can then be later enhanced in the hands of the roaster. 

When roasted light this coffee blew us away with it's development of flavours as the cup cooled. The initial caramel like sweetness makes way for a nuttier mid cup taste with notes of tobacco on the finish being highlighted as the cup cools. The resulting mouthfeel is crisp and light with the roast profile being kept purposely light to retain these elements across all filter and home brew methods. 

  • Roasters brewing reccomendations;
  • V60 recipe - 12.5/13g coffee, medium coarse grind. 30g water at 93-94c, stir. 160g more water over 1:30mins. Full brew time target 2:40mins
  • Aeropress recipe - 13g coffee, medium grind. 30g water 93-94c, stir. 170g water all in. Stir. Leave for 45-60secs. Extract. Full brew time 1:30-1:45mins
  • Cafetiere - (3 person cafetiere) . 40g coffee, coarse grind. 90g water 93-94c in, stir. All water in to an inch under pouring spout, stir. Place lid on. Wait 2-3mins. Push plunger to just under the pouring spout, not to the bottom of the cafetiere. Pour and serve. Do not leave to brew beyond 3 mins.
  • Espresso - 93c shot temp. Single 12.5g dry in to 20-22g out. Shot timer target 22-24 secs (from first drop hitting the cup). Double - 18g dry in to 34-36g out. Shot target timer 23-26 secs.