Honeybush - Kenya

Honeybush - Kenya

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Tasting Notes - Caramel . Ripe plum  

  • Origin    - Kenya - Lyego washing station co-op

  • Varietal  - SL28, SL 34, Ruiru 11

  • Altitude -  1500-1700 masl

  • Processing method  -  Hand picked, disc pulped, fully washed and sun dried

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This coffee comes to you from the foothills of Mount  Kenya where a small co-operative of coffee farmers using the Lyego washing station have created something a bit special.

The Lyego washing station is used by the farmers to fully wash the raw coffee beans once they have been pulped through a disc pulper. This process of washing away the outer fruit of the coffee plant, before being sun dried, promotes crisp acidity that    contrasts well with the sweetness inherent in the raw beans of the coffee varietals used on the Kenyan farms in this region.

On arriving at the roastery the green beans already smell amazing, giving a glimpse of the bounty waiting to be released.  To get the most from them we always try several different roasting approaches as each can produce vastly different outcomes. Roasting the Honeybush bean one way results in a thick, syrupy mouthfeel with hints of citrus whilst another produces a cup packed with fruit throughout and a crisp acidity with a much thinner mouthfeel.

To really showcase all that this bean has to offer we have chosen to combine the best of both with a roast that promotes a medium body mouthfeel whilst retaining a        delicate balance of both fruit notes and a lingering caramel sweetness.


  • Roasters brewing reccomendations;
  • V60 recipe - 12.5/13g coffee, medium coarse grind. 30g water at 93-94c, stir. 160g more water over 1:30mins. Full brew time target 2:40mins
  • Aeropress recipe - 13g coffee, medium grind. 30g water 93-94c, stir. 170g water all in. Stir. Leave for 45-60secs. Extract. Full brew time 1:30-1:45mins
  • Cafetiere - (3 person cafetiere) . 40g coffee, coarse grind. 90g water 93-94c in, stir. All water in to an inch under pouring spout, stir. Place lid on. Wait 2-3mins. Push plunger to just under the pouring spout, not to the bottom of the cafetiere. Pour and serve. Do not leave to brew beyond 3 mins.
  • Espresso - 93c shot temp. Single 12.5g dry in to 20-22g out. Shot timer target 22-24 secs (from first drop hitting the cup). Double - 18g dry in to 34-36g out. Shot target timer 23-26 secs. 
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