DECAF - Zosel - Mixed Centrals blend

DECAF - Zosel - Mixed Centrals blend

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               Stone fruit - Chocolate Nuts

Named after the great mind who devised this method of decaffeinating coffee (C02 process) Zosel is a blend of Central American bean that have had their caffeine kick removed whilst retaining their character. Roasted to just beyond medium this coffee allows for a beautiful late night latte or americano without consequence or, for those with an aversion to caffeine, a true taste of artisan, fresh roasted coffee without worry.    

  • Tasting notes  -  Mellow stone fruit with chocolate nuts
  • Acidity - Low - Medium
  • Body  -  Medium
  • Mouthfeel   -  Light

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  • Origin    -  Central America - various farms
  • Varietal  -  Mixed
  • Altitude -  est 1000-1600ft
  • Processing method  -  Washed and C02 decaffinated