Hario V60 2-4 cup dripper & 100 filters

Hario V60 2-4 cup dripper & 100 filters


Hario's V60 has become synonymous with home brewing. It simple but effective design delivers delicate, light/medium bodied coffee that can really showcase the subtle nuances of an origin perfectly. 

This is 1 x Hario V60 2-4 cup pour over dripper plus 100 filters and measuring spoon. 

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Top tips;

  • Always rinse through your filter with hot water before adding the grounds to both clean it and pre-warm your cup (discard the water afterwards!)
  • Slow and steady wins the race...a brew should take 2:30 to 3 mins for perfect extraction. If yours is taking longer try coarsening the grind. Taking a shorter time to reach the bottom of the grounds? Try making the grind finer. Happy brewing!