Aeropress & 350 filters

Aeropress & 350 filters


Arguably one of the best inventions to hit the coffee world, the aeropress is portable, easy to use and a doddle to clean. It delivers the flavour profile of any coffee intensely due to it's forced, espresso like, extraction so is perfect for exploring new origins and waking up your senses to new experiences. 

Quickly brew a medium to strong bodied coffee in a matter of minutes where ever you are. Our aeropress may as well have a passport of it's own, it comes everywhere with us! 

This is the complete set (minus the cup!) needed to start your aeropress journey into coffee including 1 x Aeropress & 350 filters. 


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Brew tip;

  • Rinse through your filter paper in the aeropress cap before adding the grounds to clean it and warm your cup.
  • Our favourite way of using the aeropress is the 'inverted' method...though maybe not one to try after a heavy night before!