Macmillan Charity Auction - A morning of Coffee Nerdvana

Original Post - We're supporting a local Macmillan charity auction with the chance to come and see us at the River City Coffee Roastery. Marked as 'A morning of coffee nerdvana' the winner will spend the morning on Sat 22nd Oct in the company of Matt, the owner, being shown how coffee is roasted followed by a home brew demonstration / Q&A. After a morning of caffeinated delights the winner will leave (wired) and with a free 225g bag of coffee of their choice. Update coming soon on the winners experience! 

UPDATE - We had a blast! The lovely chap, Rich, who donated his hard earned cash to charity and his wife visited the roastery where Matt proceeded to engulf them both in the world of coffee. They were given a live roasting demonstration to see just how coffee goes from green beans to drinkable salvation and were amazed with the aromas, sights and sounds of the whole process. We had some great chats around coffee origins, processing methods and how we roast our single origin coffee in a variety of ways to extract the very best from each varietal rather than blending different beans together.

Once our worthy winners were clued up on all things roasting the next stop was a home brew demonstration and Q&A session. We explored different brew methods, the different flavour profiles they produced and why. There was fantastic discussion around grinder settings and Matt scored a personal victory when Rich, a previously confirmed latte man, admitted being converted to our sweet, low acidity Brazilian Moonlighter as a black americano. 'I never thought I'd enjoy a coffee black but this is amazing, so sweet and smooth. I can't believe I'm drinking coffee'. 

Rich left with a couple of free fresh bags of coffee and bought an aeropress to take home to up his home brew game. His Cheshire cat smile at the new world of flavours opened up to him through using some simple top tips from Matt was worth it regardless of his philanthropic ways. Quote of the day (following Matt making Rich a flat white with freshly roasted Brazilian Moonlighter) 

'That's not coffee, that's a pudding, I could drink these all day!'. Job done we think. 

Matthew Pearson